Name: Auri
Location: Rumeln, Germany
Description: Auri is a beautiful cream-coloured Siamese mix cat with some yellow and dark grey spots on her head, a dark tail with a yellow tip, blue eyes that tend to have a mildly worried look, quite large ears, a great urge to meow all the time and an even greater urge to eat everything and anything. This must be because she was born in the streets in Greece before we adopted her via a rescue organisation. Given that, she is surprisingly trusting, clingy and gentle – she never claws, bites or even hisses at us, but lets us know very calmly when she doesn’t like something.
Activities: eating, talking, cuddling
Favourite Food: everything
Scared of: dogs, the vacuum cleaner, and (weirdly) when we clear the cutlery out of the dishwasher
Cuteness: 8
Naughtiness: 6
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 4
Weirdness: 8
Submitted by: Larissa J.


Auri likes to eat just about everything, gobbling her food, trying to snatch our breakfast rolls and hunting down every last fly in the apartment. This winter, we hung bird food from our balcony rail, hoping that our cat safety net would be enough to prevent the cats from going after the birds. We suddenly heard a triumphant, terrifying growl from the balcony. Alarmed, we rushed to check what was going on. But Auri hadn’t caught any bird or rodent. We still don’t know how she managed to get it loose and pull it through the narrow mesh, but – out-craving our wildest imaginations like always – she was happily tearing apart and munching on a bird fat ball.

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