Location: Chennai, India
Description: Brownie, he was a white cat with a round blob of brown on his back and brown and white stripy tail.
Activities: Sleeping on the couch
Favourite Food: Fish
Scared of: Doorbells
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 6
Cuddliness: 9
Craziness: 5
Weirdness: 6
Submitted by: Arun N.


Brownie who spent all his time lounging on the couch for his next fish meal of the day disliked the doorbell the most. He would keep meowing as if to ask us to stay away from strangers who came to make deliveries etc.

The only doorbell he wouldn’t miss was the one my dad would ring when he got back home from work in the evening.

It was like he could sense my dad through the door.

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