Name: Cosmo
Location: Rossendale, UK
Description: Short hair tuxedo with a white lower jaw that makes her look like she’s frowning all the time. Beautiful and long white whiskers
Activities: Eating, sleeping, being mean to visitors
Favourite Food: Bacon
Scared of: Almost nothing
Cuteness: 8
Naughtiness: 9
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 7
Weirdness: 9
Submitted by: Sophie


Cosmo has decided that the office chair is her favourite place to sleep. Unfortunately for her it’s also where I need to sit for work.

Every morning she’s forced to vacate the chair while I work. Cosmo spends most of the day protesting about the situation by circling my desk and staring into the camera during video meetings. She’ll do this for hours on end and has become quite famous at my work!

At the end of the working day she’s very happy to get her chair back and curls up immediately for a sleep in her favourite spot.

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