Name: Grub
Location: Chard, UK
Description: Calico/ Tortie & White undercarriage
Activities: Begging for pets
Favourite Food: Tuna
Scared of: People
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 8
Cuddliness: 9
Craziness: 10
Weirdness: 10
Submitted by: Lisa Carver


When Grub was a kitten and learned to hunt, she initially brought home leaves.

Then she progressed to worms.

Then occasional small furries.

In time, she became obsessed with may bugs, and brought many home.

One night the human was in bed and she brought a live one home and let it go in the bedroom. The maybug went into the lampshade and flew round it sounding like a Lancaster bomber.

Grub now has THREE bells on her collar.

Grub always sounds like Christmas.

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