Name: Inari
Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Description: Inari is a white and grey Neva masquerade Siberian cat – she’s 4.5 years old and we adopted her 5 months ago. She is currently incredibly fluffy from her winter coat. She has the sweetest temperament and most adorable and loud purr. She likes to cuddle but on her own terms – she’s not a lap kitty but she likes to be our shadow and insists on being in the same room as us 90% of the day, including sleeping between her two parents overnight. She refuses almost all toys we buy her and her current favourites are some packing material that she brings us as presents and meows, waiting for praise, and a roll of toilet paper that she also uses as a pillow.
Activities: Purring, waking her human-mum up at dawn for cuddles, following her humans all day, hunting “prey” like packing material and loo roll
Favourite Food: Beef & chicken kibble
Scared of: Vacuum cleaner
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 6
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 3
Weirdness: 7
Submitted by: Aankhi


Inari has a favourite chair.

Unfortunately, it’s also my fairly expensive nursing chair for when my baby arrives in few months.

One day, I decided to sit in it.

She walked around me, meowing, looking at me like I’d betrayed her and she was questioning the meaning of life.

She decided to climb onto the table behind me, climb over my shoulder and snuggle up on me and the handle of the chair.

It was not comfortable for either of us so I decided to concede. It is now Inari’s chair that she has first dibs on that I can borrow.

Cat 1, Human 0.

Worth it.

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