Name: Jasmine
Location: Athens, Greece
Description: Sweet, mellow, fully black, long-haired, green eyes, somewhat small-sized
Activities: Cuddles, play
Favourite Food: Dry food
Scared of: White towels
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 1
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 8
Weirdness: 8
Submitted by: Eugenia Athanasiou


Athens, Greece

We have a sweet, black, long-haired cat named Jasmine. She used to be a stray at my parents’ neighbourhood, neutered and well-fed, and she always greeted us when we parked outside my parents’ building seeking pets, hugs, and being playful with my 5yo daughter. So we decided to adopt her.
Upon taking her home, we noticed that she lacks some standard ‘cat-racteristics’. She never wakes us up; instead, she waits for the alarm to set off and us talking -fully awake- to jump on the bed for cuddles; she barely sheds (!) even in the hot Greek summer and, most importantly, she doesn’t purr! Even though she clearly enjoys pets, hugs and belly rubs, she only starts purring when I start purring near her ear, as if she thinks ‘oh, yes, I also have to do that, I forgot again!’

We joke about it saying she is a little alien pretending to be a cat. Not very successfully…

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