Luna, Obama & Co.

Name: Luna, Obama, Moshi and Mia
Location: Chia, Colombia
Description: Luna: white and Brown. Female. A little fat.
Obama: black. Male. So big
Moshi: black. Female. Little and missed a hand
Mia: like a tiger. Female. Little and poppy
Activities: Sleep, ask for food, hunt mosquitos and spiders. Go to the cealing
Favourite Food: Max cat
Scared of: Rain. Obama is afraid of Moshi. The four cats are a little scared of my children jajaja
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 10
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 10
Weirdness: 10
Submitted by: Johanna Rodríguez


A was a no cat person. But one day a beatiful white and Brown little cat arrived to my Door. I did not want a cat But she stole my heart. Its name is Luna. And suddenly I have four cats at home. Obama arrived a year later. It was abandone. I met Obama and felt I love. It is a big and gorgeous black cat. My mini panther. And one day at my Door I found a liitle pregnant black cat. Its name is Moshi. It was so hurt without a hand. I rescued it and its poppys. They born in my house. They found a lovely home and I decided to keep one, Mia. Now we are eight at home (my housband, my kids, my cats and me). So Now, I am a Cat Person. It is amanzing how I love them and how They love me. And the dangerous part is that probably I want more.

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