Name: MellaMew
Location: Westminster Colo, US
Description: Cat is 7 lb callico female. Right eye and left ear are black and left eye anD right ear is orange.
Activities: Sleep. Play with toy mouse
Favourite Food: Wet food
Scared of: Loud noises
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 4
Cuddliness: 8
Craziness: 4
Weirdness: 5
Submitted by: Jen Tolka


We went to dumb friend legue as i just lost my little blacky ” Orion” i needed to pet and cuddle a kitty. The lady there said “this kitty”, pointing a little calico. “Just asks for attention” well it just so happen all adult adoption fees were waved that day. So of course we brought her home. It did not take her long to settle in. At bed time she curleded up on my hip. Her fav. Cuddle spot my hip or a knee. in the middle of the night she would literally climb my dresser even though she could easily jump from the bed. she likes to sit at the top of the stairs and stare at us in the living room, we like to call her sniper Kitty but then she also likes to curl up in a box under a table. She is our cuddle toothless caramella

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