Name: Minette
Location: Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France
Description: Old female calico, predominantly white with a pink noise, blue eyes, big ears, some large yellow and grey spots on her back and a grey-striped tail.
Activities: Taking naps in the sunshine or by the stove.
Favourite Food: Leftovers
Scared of: Humans (initially)
Cuteness: 8
Naughtiness: 1
Cuddliness: 7
Craziness: 1
Weirdness: 1
Submitted by: Muriel L.


When I lived in Reunion island, a defiant calico started making appearances in our bushy garden. She was unapproachable, fierce-looking and hissy – but she kept coming for leftovers at mealtimes.

One morning, she was found seizuring at our door, likely poisoned. I ran her to the vet, feeling pessimistic, and warned them that should she pull through, she would be wild and unpredictable.

On my return, I was told my « adorable kitty » had not only survived, but had spent hours purring in the assistant’s lap.

At home, I managed to give her a bath and left her to rest in the sunshine. I wanted her to feel free. But that night, she scratched at the door to be let in, and insisted to live with me ever after that.

When I flew back to France, she was in a carrier box on my lap.

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