Mollie Weasley

Name: Mollie Weasley
Location: Thunder Bay, Canada
Description: Mollie is an interesting kitten. She’s a gorgeous green eyed calico. She’s a little on the smaller side as she was the runt.
Activities: Sleeping
Favourite Food: Salmon
Scared of: Everything
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 5
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 8
Weirdness: 8
Submitted by: Cassie


I have a chronic illness and sometimes I forget to take care of myself. Mollie Weasley will never let me forget. Whenever I’m in a flare up, she’s always with me. And she does the weirdest thing. She will knock over my medications until I take them. Then she’ll snuggle next to me so that I remember to rest. She’s my nurse kitten.

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