Name: Murphy
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Description: Male Ragdoll white with grey on all his paws, ears and tail. He has blue eyes. He is very handsome.
Activities: Tossing his “Nemo” in the air then batting it. Nemo is his orange and white stuffed toy. Zooming around the house at full speed then jumping onto the fly screen doors. Knocking things off tables.
Favourite Food: BBQ chicken breast-no skin. Only on special occasions.
Scared of: People he doesn’t know.
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 1
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 7
Weirdness: 4
Submitted by: Kim


Murphy and I live in a two storey townhouse. Murphy loves to help me make my bed. He even enjoys watching me take the sheets off my bed. As I toss them over the staircase letting them fall to the lower ground, Murphy loves to chase them down the stairs as they are falling, then jumps into the pile that is formed on the ground. He runs back upstairs and jumps straight onto my bed, he zooms from one side to the other excitedly sometimes meowing and doing acrobatics on the bed as I fling the clean sheet into the air above him. As I place the fitted sheet onto the bed he stays underneath it. I leave a corner and have to coax him out. This takes time. He loves it so much! Once out I place everything on the bed then Murphy jumps up and lays down happily. This is our routine every time.

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