Name: Roxy
Location: Manzanares el Real, Madrid, Spain
Description: Small short haired tabby cat with white chest, white left front leg and white paws. She has lost her right eye.
Activities: sleeping, eating
Favourite Food: beef in gravy
Scared of: any humans she doesn’t know and all children!
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 5
Cuddliness: 8
Craziness: 5
Weirdness: 1
Submitted by: Kae D.


Roxy loves her routines. Every morning she follows my husband up to his den and circles his legs, until he allows her onto his knee. She has to have her head and chin stoked in the same way each time before she settles down to sleep on his lap, while he works on his computer.

Every afternoon, when he sits down to watch the news on TV, she jumps up on his lap and refuses to move. If he is late for the news, or doesn’t sit down when it’s time to come on, she stalks him and meows until he gives in. She is a real Daddy’s girl! I am always second choice if he’s not there!

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