Name: Rufus
Location: Helensville, New Zealand
Description: Rufus: big ginger and white spotted shorthaired tabby, previously a stray who was a bit battle scarred and basically a ginger menace. He was more like a dog than a cat, he chased children, dogs, people at the bus stop but he liked collecting baby rats and herded them around
Activities: Beating up neighborhood dogs
Favourite Food: Anything edible
Scared of: Nothing!
Cuteness: 5
Naughtiness: 10
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 10
Weirdness: 10
Submitted by: Angela Pavey


Rufus was a stray cat who sat outside of my bedroom window before he decided to move in. One weird thing he liked to do, and there were many weird things, was steal food. He would bring home ham, cooked sausages and broccoli, lamb leg still on the bone, meat patties, you name it he stole it. The most bizarre thing he stole was a half eaten egg Mcmuffin that was still warm. The nearest McDonald’s is half an hours drive away, so no idea who he stole that from. He was a great cat.

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