Name: Stanley
Location: Elgin, USA
Description: Totally Black, short hair.
Activities: Drinking water, plays fetch, sleeping.
Favourite Food: Cheese
Scared of: Nothing at all. Fearless.
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 5
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 3
Weirdness: 8
Submitted by: Megan Maples


All his life, Stanley has had high water quality standards. Water MUST be direct from the faucet fresh, cannot come from the many daily-cleaned fountains, no standing water bowls, must be cool, not warm.

He will hang out in the kitchen sink loudly meowing until we turn the water on. He’s even laid down and fallen asleep there after waiting “an absolute eternity” for mum to come by and quench his poor parched little throat. Once the water is on, though, it’s not JUST about the drink, it’s also a fine opportunity to wash his furry face, as he douses his head and inevitably causing a thorough sprinkling of water all over the kitchen.

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