Name: Tabby
Location: London, UK
Description: A British shorthair tabby cat aka brown with black spotty / stripey highlights where it’s a black stripe on back fading to black spots on flanks (a uniquely British thing) with the cutest little white socks and white face mask and pants legs such that her nickname is fancy-pants the painted princess, terribly cute, usually shy, a complete and total voyeur.
Activities: The voyeur, loves to watch everything but especially bird TV
Favourite Food: fresh salmon or prawns
Scared of: everything but especially foxes, we call it the bubble child, it exists only in it’s bubble.
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 2
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 3
Weirdness: 1
Submitted by: Zoe


Tabby was taught sign language from an early age, she’s a talker like nothing else so to help her explain herself she has to both tell us what she wants by going to it and sitting and when offered something she’s always given a choice presented and says yes either verbally or by head-butting the hand with what she wants. Of late Tabby has started insisting that dinner consists of three courses where last night in example it started with some venison, then the dry food topped off and then finished by taking Zoe to the fridge for a bit of cat milk. The routine of what dinner contains changes every day but the insistence that she gets dinner and a desert doesn’t! Strangely she also doesn’t eat until we do aka although she doesn’t eat human food us sitting down to eat denotes her meal time and then the same on sofa lap time afterwards.

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