Name: Taj
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Description: A ginger boy who looks almost exactly like puss in Boots. Huge green eyes, tiny nose.
Activities: Eating
Favourite Food: Broccoli
Scared of: Being done
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 3
Cuddliness: 7
Craziness: 6
Weirdness: 5
Submitted by: Amber B.


Picture the most adorable ginger kitten in existence – a real life Puss in Boots. Then imagine him spending 8 months of his life unwanted in a cage with multiple cats at a shelter. He always knew he was a superhero.
When we brought him home he burst into the room on his tip-toes with a “prrrrowl”. He was so happy he didn’t walk a step, just kneaded his way from one place to another.
Years later and he hasn’t lost his superhero attitude. Whenever he enters a room he brings his own theme song with a “prrrrrttowl”. When he jumps onto a surface he amps it up with a “prrrmowl”. Always proud of himself.
13 years old now and has never stopped celebrating having a family, nor forgotten that he’s a superhero. He certainly saved us.

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