Toby the Tabby

Name: Toby the Tabby
Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Description: Tabby
Long slim body
Black and brown fur
Activities: Sleeping in our beds
Favourite Food: Chicken
Scared of: Other cats
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 1
Cuddliness: 1
Craziness: 1
Weirdness: 1
Submitted by: Salma C.


After giving birth to my son, Toby felt a little left out. He wouldn’t make eye contact or even come to me for cuddles. It was as if I betrayed him or replaced him.

One day I couldn’t find him, searched the house he was nowhere to be found. When it was time to put my son down for a nap, guess where Toby had been sleeping? In the baby’s cot.

Turns out Toby just wanted to be my baby.

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