Name: Urban
Location: Dobrova, Slovenia
Description: Domestic male cat, long hair, looks like black and white siberian cat.
Activities: Exploring outside and napping inside
Favourite Food: Not picky
Scared of: Nothing particular
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 2
Cuddliness: 10
Craziness: 2
Weirdness: 5
Submitted by: Tanja


Urban staring at the knob on the glass porch door, meowing like somebody is trying to rip his fluffy tail off.

– Urban, come on! You were outside the whole afternoon.

Urban looks at me, blankly, like I completely lost my mind.

– What? You just came in 10 minutes ago.

Tail ripping resumes, interrupted by bursts of frantic scratching on the glass.

– Urban, it’s going to rain. It’s cold outside. Snow is coming, wind, you know … harsh, very harsh weather conditions …

Urban still meowing and trying to hypnotize the door to open.

– There will be snow blizzards in the near future. You will get lost in the snow, like … a lot of snow, two meters at least. And then there will be slush, water everywhere. Water, Urban! And no food. Famine. Not even a mouse to catch. We watched The road together, remember? It will be like that, just worse. You will be all alone in this gigantic world. You have to wait until mor…


– Ok, here you go. Have fun and don’t be late.

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