Name: Xaxufa
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Description: A young female siamese
Activities: Hunt papel ball, sleep
Favourite Food: Fish, pizza
Scared of: Dogs, loud noises
Cuteness: 10
Naughtiness: 1
Cuddliness: 6
Craziness: 10
Weirdness: 7
Submitted by: Cris Fernandes


I always took my cat Xaxufa with me when visiting my brother in another town. My brother’s roommate loved freshwater fish and maintained a big, beautiful aquarium in a place of honour in the living room.

During those visits, Xaxufa spent most of her time observing the fish swimming back and forth, with a spark of curiosity and hunger in her eyes. Knowing she was prone to mischief, I kept her under strict supervision at all times, except for one time…

I was reading a newspaper when I heard a loud splash. Incapable of resisting temptation, Xaxufa had jumped and dived into the aquarium. At that exact instant, my brother’s roommate entered the room and saw my cat trying to catch one of his fish!

Needless to say, Xaxufa was never welcomed at the house anymore!

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